Conception The Easy Way


Conception The Easy Way

10 Tips to Navigate Baby Road with Ovulation Peak Signs and Hormone Guide

By Kendra

You’re ready to have a baby: now what? Just have sex, right? Just do everything you’re supposed to do, and it’ll all work out “text-book” perfect. I mean, seriously, how can you mess up something that is that fun? But in a textbook world, everyone has a perfect 28-day cycle, there is no such thing as missed ovulation, and hormones do what they should. Always. The reality is that most people live a life that is nowhere near textbook. So, let’s take a look at some things (ten of them, actually), that’ll get you and you’re spouse on the baby road! 


1. Go to your doctor

This may sound a little overboard to start off with, however your doctor can offer you some advice or pointers that you may not have previously considered. His medical experience combined with life experience may enhance what you’re already doing. A visit to the doc’s office isn’t meant to be a downer, but he may actually point out some things that can be corrected while it is still early. This would also be an optimal time to see if he has any free samples available! 

2. Download a monthly tracker

How many times has your physician asked you when the first day of your last cycle was? How many times did you know right away? Me neither. I found a way to simplify my life by taking two seconds to enter my start date in an app. There are many choices available. Some are free too with a lot of nice features. I chose mine based on reviews and bells and whistles. It’s really accurate, and keeps track so I don’t have to. 

3. Invest in an ovulation kit

Get a good ovulation kit. Don’t waste your money on an Internet cheapie that’ll be in the trash quicker than yesterday’s leftovers. A quality ovulation kit will provide you with accurate ovulation timing to notify you of the best time for conception. Once you know precisely when you are getting ready to ovulate, you can “plan” an eventful evening with your spouse, too. He’ll love it! 

4. Get personal

No, really: get to know the specs of your fertile period.  There are certain aspects of your reproductive system that work in your favor, one of which is a natural lubricant that occurs during your cycle just before your egg is released. Most often the texture is referred to as that of egg-whites. It really assists in escorting the sperm to the egg by protecting it and giving it a smooth ride.  

5. Buy a lubricant

Our bodies aren’t always textbook though, and sometimes a sister just needs a little help. There are so many varieties of lubricants on the market that it could be hard to choose. Keep in mind that all lubricants are not created equal! Some of them are for pure pleasure, while others are for baby making. Thankfully, some are designed for both! Make sure you do your research before you buy. And if it’s not the right one for you, think of it this way: you get to try out another one! 

6. Try an old wives tale

What have you got to lose? If it was good enough for grandma, maybe there’s something to it? Try to eat or drink those exotic foods. Rub the big toe of the statue in the park. Don’t sit near a black cat. The Internet has oodles of them to choose from! It’ll either lead you to an adventure, or help bring along your bundle of joy. 

7. Check your temp

Have you heard the expression “hot and bothered” before? There’s actually a little science behind it. During the peak of ovulation, your body’s temperature may rise almost half of a degree. Digital thermometers work best for this since they can calculate the finer details of your temp. 

8. Get some pregnancy tests

With all of these points on track, you’re definitely going to want to have some pregnancy tests on hand. A test can sometimes detect pregnancy as early as ten days before your period. If any of you have ever been in that two week wait, you know how much anticipation can build waiting on those two little lines!  

9. Try something old

Remember those soft touches from him on your arm, or how he would kiss the back of your neck, or when he would steal a kiss (or a squeeze) in a risqué place? Do you remember how you blushed and how it sparked something within you? Why not go back to that? Life can get us in the hum drum and dull our intimacy. Make it exiting again! Recreate those “firsts” with him, and make it a daring night.  

10. Stop moving! 

Society has always got us on the go: our family, home responsibilities, jobs, and our phones.  Think back to the early 1900’s. People didn’t have those distractions, yet they had a large family. Are you making the connection yet? Now, I’m not saying you need to sign up for a family of 12, but consider slowing life down a little to give you a chance at having nothing better to do!"